The easiest way to manage employees, track vacation, sick, and paid time off.

Centreli simplifies employee management and automatically calculates and tracks employee paid time off. Provide your employees with a secure portal to submit requests for manager review, a company directory, and shared calendars all accessible from anywhere.

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Paid Time Off Tracking

Flexible, automated, and easy tracking of vacation, sick, and any other type of paid time off for all of your employees. Our self-service portal empowers your employees to quickly make requests and managers to approve those requests.

Access from Anywhere

Access paid time off, employee records, company directory, and calendar from any computer, tablet, or mobile device in one secure place.

Visibility & Reporting

Powerful reports and tools let you and your employees quickly access paid time off balances, birthdays, and anniversaries. Shared calendars let management and employees quickly see who is on leave. Get the data you need right away.

Access from Anywhere

Employees and managers can access employee records, paid time off, a company directory, and calendar from anywhere using a web browser, tablet, or smartphone. Centreli allows you to centralize your team’s activity in one secure place.


Our powerful reporting tools make it easy to see employee balances. Get the data you need for your employees right away.


View all pending and approved requests, birthdays, and anniversaries for your team members. The Centreli calendar gives your team an instant view of everyone’s paid time off.


TeamView lets you instantly access a snapshot of all pending and approved requests. Now you can easily visualize when employees are out at the same time. TeamView works great as a planning tool letting you know exactly when the right resources aren’t out of the office!