Centreli for Slack

Paid time off tracking, single sign on, calendar, and user management for your Slack team

How does Centreli for Slack work?

Centreli for Slack seamlessly adds paid time off support for all of your Slack users. They won’t have to remember a password and can use the Sign in with Slack option to login. You can import your Slack users in seconds to get started. Your employees can immediately login and start using Centreli.

Once installed, all your users will receive Centreli notifications right in Slack!

How do I install Centreli for Slack?

Click the ‘Add to Slack’ button on this page or visit our Slack App to learn more.

How much does Centreli for Slack cost?

Nothing! There is no additional cost for using Centreli with your Slack account!

Does Centreli integrate with other products?

Yes! See the full list of integrations at our extras page for more popular products that we integrate with.

Getting started is easy and takes a minute. Just click the button below.

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