Remote Employee Tracking

Connect your managers and their employees with our self-service platform

Does your organization have employees that work remotely? Centreli lets you track your remote workforce and seamlessly connects managers with their employees.

Employees can access Centreli from anywhere around the world using any computer, tablet, or mobile device (smartphone).

No expensive implementations or IT support is needed. You can be up and running tracking your team in minutes!

  • View your entire team’s time off in your native calendar application (Outlook, Google, macOS Calendar)
  • Easily accessible employee and manager portals
  • Access from any device
  • Visibility across the organization
  • Real-time reports
  • Much, much, more!

Salaried & Hourly Employees

Track all your remote employee’s paid time off in one centralized location. Centreli supports tracking for exempt and hourly employees. Manage hourly employees right from Centreli or upload data from any external systems.


TeamView lets you instantly view all pending and approved requests for your entire team whether they are in an office or working remotely. Now you can easily visualize when employees are out at the same time. TeamView works great as a planning tool letting you know exactly when someone is out of the office!

Multiple Locations

Centreli allows you to create holidays and organize your employees by location. Teams with multiple office locations can create different holiday schedules.

Shared Calendars

The Centreli calendar connects to your favorite calendar applications such as Microsoft Outlook, macOS Calendar, iCal, and Google Calendar. You can easily track your in-office or remote employee’s upcoming time out of the office.


Quickly generate balance and time off reports. Export data for use in external systems.