Centreli for G Suite

Paid time off tracking for G Suite, formerly Google Apps for Work

Centreli is now available as an installable app on the Google Apps Marketplace! If you’re a domain administrator on G Suite you can install Centreli to your G Suite domain. All employees can access Centreli from the global navigation under ‘More’ next to Gmail, Calendar, and Drive.

How do I install Centreli for G Suite?

Click the ‘Add to Google Apps’ button on the right to be redirected to our listing on the Google Apps Marketplace and click the ‘Integrate with Google’ button or visit our Google Apps Marketplace listing directly.

How does it work?

With just a few clicks a G Suite administrator can select which users should have access to Centreli and invite them when ready. The direct integration with G Suite keeps your users in sync and removes their access from Centreli if they are removed from a G Suite account.

Does Centreli integrate with other products?

Yes! See the full list of integrations at our extras page

G Suite

Install Centreli for G Suite to your domain by clicking the button below.

Install Centreli for Google Apps

All Centreli accounts include a free 30 day trial.
Free forever for up to 5 employees.