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Catholic Charities

Catholic Charities San Bernardino & Riverside Counties chose Centreli to manage paid time off for over 150 employees.

Catholic Charities San Bernardino & Riverside Counties In Southern California is a 501(c)3 public benefit non-profit organization. With over 150 employees serving more than 4 million residents in two of the largest counties by area in the United States, Catholic Charities works to fulfill their Action Statement “to provide compassionate social services that respond to the suffering of the vulnerable and those in crisis in our local communities.”

“Centreli has reduced the work it takes to manage this part of our operations. We would definitely recommend Centreli to other organizations.”

– Douglas House, Chief Operating Officer, Catholic Charities San Bernardino & Riverside Counties


Prior to migrating to Centreli, the managers and employees at Catholic Charities were unable to manage time-off requests online. In addition, employees had no online access to determine the amount of paid time-off available to them. This resulted in timely and manual processes in order to respond to employee inquiries as well as to manage time off requests.


Wanting to make the time off request process more efficient, coupled with the inability to provide self-service capabilities to their employees, Catholic Charities migrated to Centreli in order to eliminate their inefficiencies.


Catholic Charities has met their needs by providing their employees with a self-service solution. It makes it easier for employees to keep track of their time-off balances and allows managers to better plan for employee time-off. In addition, the time off request process is no longer manual and enables employees and managers to submit and approve requests online. Finally, employees can easily access information from any computer, tablet, or mobile device. Centreli has eliminated inquiries regarding time off resulting in a more streamlined process for Catholic Charities’ human resources & accounting offices.

Centreli changed the way that Catholic Charities San Bernardino & Riverside Counties In Southern California manages their employees. Change the way you manage your employees and sign up for a free trial.

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